🎁 2021 CodingCatDev Giveaway 🎁


Ready for a new CodingCatDev site and new courses next year? Are you ready for a new year altogether?! We are so excited for our new site that we are presenting a contest for you to feature your code. We will take all of the lucky winners and create a course on how you made your site, and if you feel comfortable, feature you in the video explaining why you made your site.

Winners picked January 31, 2021


All prizes include a lifetime membership to CodingCatDev. Your creation featured for the rest of time as a course on CodingCatDev.

  1. $500 (USD delivered via PayPal or Venmo)
  2. Google Home Hub
  3. Chromecast with Google TV
  4. Google Nest Mini
  5. All the stickers (don’t forget Lifetime Membership)


  • You must build a fun site that CodingCatDev will host under the https://codingcat.dev as a subdomain.
  • Must be in a public repo that we will fork to https://github.com/codingcatdev
  • You may only win once, at any level (feel free to enter as many times as you like).
  • Must have an excerpt and post on what your site does (minimum of 300 words).
    • Example:
      • “Dancing Cats”
      • This site shows off how to use Firebase with your pet cats and music playing around the house. A video and some Machine Learning turns your normal kitty into a dancing machine…


I am really new to coding, how can I enter.

Have a fun idea but struggling to make something work? Use a photo of AJ and do some fun things with Cloudinary Image Transforations and just use CodeSandbox. I will help you get it into a GitHub repo.

I don’t have an idea

Follow one of our courses and submit your version of it! Or reach out on our

Wes Bos
Amplify Blog
LevelUp Tutorials

Judging Criteria


We’re consistently blown away by your ingenuity and creativity. We want to see that shine through in your sites. This could be visual aspects, code, or something else entirely. Show us what you can do!


Gatsby is fully committed to making the web a welcoming place for everyone, so ensuring that websites are accessible is a high priority. Make sure to run your site through an accessibility audit before submitting to ensure everyone will be able to enjoy your creativity.


Built-in performance is Gatsby’s superpower. Make sure your site is as blazing fast as can possibly be (read this blog post for optimization tips). Check your site’s Lighthouse score before submitting!

And of course…


Giddy, Goofy, Loony, Nutty, Wacky, Absurd and Loopy — These are either the seven dwarves that Snow White wishes had found her in the Dark Forest, or all the words we will use to describe the ways your Silly Site made us LOL.

Pre-submission checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your site is as good and silly as it can be:

  1. Perform an accessibility audit. Reference the accessibility guide for help.
  2. Run a performance audit using Lighthouse and/or WebPageTest
  3. Tweet your progress using #SillySiteChallenge
  4. Submit your site here and get that free swag! Submissions are due January 30, 11:59pm EST
This is the same criteria as the Gatsby Silly Site Challenge, which you should checkout https://www.gatsbyjs.com/silly-site-challenge-faq/

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