AJ’s Week In Web January 22, 2020



Puppeteer is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. Puppeteer runs headless by default, but can be configured to run full (non-headless) Chrome or Chromium.


https://github.com/microsoft/playwrightThink of Playwright as being Puppeteer, but it works on all the browsers.

Our primary goal with Playwright is to improve automated UI testing by eliminating flakiness, improving the speed of execution and offering insights into the browser operation.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.4

The Visual Studio for Mac team is kicking off the new year with our best release ever! Visual Studio 2019 for Mac version 8.4, released today, brings several exciting enhancements to the developer experience. Many of these items were top requests from our community and include:
Support for the latest stable version of .NET Core 3.1
Scaffolding support for ASP.NET Core projects
The ability to develop and publish ASP.NET Core Blazor Server applications
Refinements to the editing experience, including .razor file support
Improvements to the IDE experience when using assistive technologies
Pack support for .NET Core library projects
To learn more about all of the changes in this release of Visual Studio for Mac, see our release notes.

Ionic Gestures with Josh Morony

https://www.joshmorony.com/create-tinder-style-swipe-cards-with-ionic-gestures/ Create Tinder Style Swipe Cards with Ionic Gestures

Creating this style of animation/gesture has always been possible in Ionic applications – you could use one of many libraries to help you, or you could have also implemented it from scratch yourself. However, now that Ionic is exposing their underlying gesture system for use by Ionic developers, it makes things significantly simpler. We have everything we need out of the box, without having to write complicated gesture tracking ourselves.

Spec Flow


Use SpecFlow to define, manage and automatically execute human-readable acceptance tests in .NET projects. Writing easily understandable tests is a cornerstone of the BDD paradigm and also helps build up a living documentation of your system.

Delivery Conf


DELIVERY|CONF 2020 is being held to give people a place to get deeper technical information about Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Our goal isn’t to just tell you to “do the technical thing”; it is to show you real world examples of how others have done it.

Auth0 Assemblehttps://auth0.com/blog/introducing-our-first-conference-auth0-assemble/August 26-27, 2020

Auth0 Assemble, Auth0’s annual developer and customer conference, is the only identity conference for application builders. For those who are architecting the future. The ones who understand that applications are built today by assembling the best of breed APIs and tools. Those who care about the intersection between end-user experience, privacy, and security.



Hear from inspiring speakers from the industry working on every aspect of the ecosystem — frontend frameworks, APIs, browsers, and more.

I attended backendlessconf live and it was an absolute thrill to see how conected our world has become. Especially when you are using no backend (well kinda) or physical location to join it all together.

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