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How CodingCatDev Tutoring Works

Thanks for your interest in joining the CodingCatDev tutor team. We have very high standards and pride ourselves on a rigorous approval process. Browse the CodingCatDev site and you’ll notice that high quality is something that we pride ourselves in. However, we all had to start somewhere and we want to foster this as individuals grow. We are actually working on building a guide so that new tutors can learn our process and work with us to build up their skills.

CodingCatDev tutors are paid royalties for their work. When a CodingCatDev member watches a lesson its instructor gets paid. Tutors are paid for free community lessons as well as premium members only lessons, based on activity. The best part is that if you are pushing hard to sell you course directly, you get 100% of your sales!

How CodingCatDev Tutors get royalties (aka get paid)

Royalties are paid at the beginning of the month, and reflect how many 30-second segments viewers watched in the previous month. We use PayPal or direct deposit to distribute royalties.
The amount you’re paid depends on the overall gross subscription profit, and how many of your courses were actively watched. Royalties are pooled, so the more CodingCatDev members that watch your lessons actively, the more your monthly royalty check will be. This means that having a catalog of many useful Courses filled with great lessons is the best way to increase your royalty checks!


Your writing will reach thousands of readers every month. Grow your portfolio of writing and followers.


We’ll provide tips and tools on your writing journey. Together, let’s make the best technical writing on the web.


Quality content deserves compensation. CodingCatDev gives you 100% of your course direct sales. We also give you 50% of all subscription based memberships based on activity every month.

* Calculation of activity is users actually utilizing the course.

Who gets accepted?

Compelling article suggestions: Providing a great article title in your application shows you know how to appeal to readers.

Quality previous writing: A huge plus. This gives us a feel of your writing style.

Demos: Got any demos in CodePen or StackBlitz? This lets us examine your coding style for best practices.

No spelling errors: Any spelling errors in your writer’s application will be automatically rejected.

Show a passion for teaching: A passion to teach is immediately obvious in writing. Spreading knowledge is the goal.

Due to the huge influx of applications, we can’t respond to all of them.
If you haven’t heard back in two weeks, you were not accepted.