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AJ’s Coding Tools

Alex Patterson September 17, 2020

Hey there Purr-fect Peep, so you have decided to start learning Web Development, that is AWESOME!! AJ and I will be here to guide you along in this journey. Whether you are ten, twenty or ninety years old, it is never too late to get started ????.

Main Coding Environment

Throughout the tutorials you will see tiny editors like below from CodeSandbox.

<iframe src="https://codesandbox.io/embed/html-for-a-10-year-old-basics-hello-world-vhigc?fontsize=14&hidenavigation=1&theme=dark" style="width:100%; height:500px; border:0; border-radius: 4px; overflow:hidden;" title="html-for-a-10-year-old-basics-hello-world" allow="accelerometer; ambient-light-sensor; camera; encrypted-media; geolocation; gyroscope; hid; microphone; midi; payment; usb; vr; xr-spatial-tracking" sandbox="allow-forms allow-modals allow-popups allow-presentation allow-same-origin allow-scripts"

If you would like to dive a little deeper you can look at the documentation for CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox Login

CodeSandbox uses an identity provider called GitHub. You can signup on GitHub using any email that you choose, just make sure you will have access to it long term. For instance if you are in school now and your email will be shutdown when you finish, consider creating an email address on Gmail. Please see the video for reference.

GitHub Login for CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox Fork

You can think of a fork as a copy of my original code, that you can make all your own. When you get started withe the basics it might not make sense to create forks of my sandboxes because you are just learning and playing around. However, when you get into some more advanced courses you will want to start forking your own solutions and even using those in GitHub so that you can show off your work.

Pro Tip: Employers looking for coders will often look at your GitHub repo to checkout your work. This way you have something to show them.

Where are all AJonP’s Sandboxes

You can find all of AJonP’s sandboxes at https://codesandbox.io/u/ajonp/sandboxes. This is also where you would find a listing of all your sandboxes as well, just replace ajonp with your username.

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