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How CodingCatDev Sponsorships work

In order for CodingCatDev to continuously podcast, even at times when we don’t have steady direct sponsorships, we utilize Anchor.fm Sponsorships. If you are new to advertising it might make you more comfortable to first utilize this method. However, this doesn’t provide you or CodingCatDev with the best Sponsorship dollar for dollar. We like to work with you (and your marketing team directly, so that we can represent your brand in the the best way possible.

Becoming a sponsor

If you’d like to reach a diverse audience of listeners across the tech landscape in a range of roles from beginner developers to senior engineers, please support the show and become a sponsor. When you purchase and are assigned a show, we remove all other advertising from that episode and you sponsor it FOR LIFE!

Whats Included?


Individual Pods

1 Pre Roll

A single pre-roll slot up to 60 seconds.

2 Mid Roll

Two mid-roll slots, up to 45 seconds in length.

* There is no minimum agreement for sponsorship, but we recommend at least two shows to reach a level of consistency with the show’s audience.


10 Pre Roll

10 pre-roll slots up to 60 seconds.

10 Mid Roll

10 mid-roll slots, up to 45 seconds in length.

Loyalty Program

Purrfect Kitten

Added to list of supporters on CodingCatDev.

Purrfect Cat!

Added on Podcast Description, Free AJ T-Shirt, added to list of supporters on CodingCatDev.

Not finding the package or payment option for you?

Contact us below and we can work on a better solution.


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