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Can I be featured in an episode?

Of course you can! More Purrfect Peeps the better! Fill in the quick form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to record the show.

If all you want to do is ask a question and be heard, the easiest way is to use our Voice Message feature. Otherwise please fill out the form below.

What topics are typical for Purrfect.dev?

Purrfect.dev guests have a variety of backgrounds, but our goal is to deliver entertaining and yet informative detail to tutorials, courses and lessons that are provided on CodingCatDev. This will continue to expand as the amount of Authors expand. Below you will find a list of categories that match our content as of October 2020.



Soft Skils

What is the typical process?

Once we schedule a time someone will connect with you via Google Meet to create an outline of the show. We record using StreamYard, or if video is not an option directly with Anchor.fm. Our editors will clean up the podcast/video and then the episode will go live with our preset Advertisements.

What we strongly prefer is if you are promoting your own company/product, that you sponsor the episode directly, please see Podcast Sponsorship.

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