Angular PWA to Google Play store, using Trusted Web Activity

Add your PWA to Google Play Store today!

Alex Patterson

Use Firestore to Build Hugo Content

Use a frontend app (Angular), to update a Firestore Backend, trigger Firebase Function, while maintaining git commits, and buld/deploy your Hugo site.

Alex Patterson

Blog Posts

JAMStackGR #4-Scully An Angular Static Site Generator

Learn how to use Scully with an existing Angular project to create a static site.

Alex Patterson

Scully - Angular Static Site Generator

In the Static Site Generator (SSG) space, ReactJs has Gatsby and VueJs has Vuepress/Gridsome. This left for a space to be filled for Angular, introducing Scully the Angular solution for SSG.

Alex Patterson

JAMStackGR #2-Git Your Build System Right vs. Deploying Fast

Demonstrating how to quickly deploy using Angular CLI to 6 places. Then how to setup CI/CD in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Alex Patterson

Adding Angular Components to your static site

Utilizing Web Components within Hugo Static Site Generator (or any static site), to take Stripe/PayPal payments and more!

Alex Patterson


0.7 - Scully with Aaron Frost

Talking with Aaron Frost (Frosty) all about Angular and Static Site Generation with Scully.

Alex Patterson