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micro:bit for a 10 Year Old

Having some fun learning code with micro:bit

Alex Patterson

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HTML for a 10 Year Old

Learn HTML from the very beginning with live coding examples.

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Next.js 9

**Next.js 10 Course Coming Soon**

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Learn with AJ and KC

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AWS Amplify Video

How to easily add Video for Livestreaming or Video on Demand to your next Amplify project.

Alex Patterson

Send GCP Build Status to Discord

If you use Google Cloud Build and find yourself in Discord all day, it might be handy to receive a messge about your builds. Or just any webhook message in Discord.

Alex Patterson

Backup Sanity with Cloud Firestore

How to utilize Sanity's Webhooks to trigger a Firebase Cloud Function that can backup your data in Cloud Firestore

Alex Patterson

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Finding a Company with Great Values

When looking for your next company, make sure that their values align with you.

Alex Patterson

Next.js 11 Features

Learning about all of the amazing Next.js 11 features.

Alex Patterson

AWS Amplify vs. AWS CDK What is the most powerful AWS IaC in 2020?

AWS Amplify vs. AWS CDK. So you are just getting started with your next project and can't figure out what IaC to start with, lets compare two of AWS's most popular.

Alex Patterson

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1.31 - Delivering Digital Content with GraphCMS

We sit down with Scott Spence to talk about all things GraphCMS related. Why the decision was to go with a GraphQL only backend as a service.

Alex Patterson

1.30 - Journey of a Freelance Designer & Developer

In this episode we sit down with Amy Dutton and to talk about freelancing and what it takes to be a designer and developer. We also talk about working for Zeal and making her awesome channel Self Teach Me.

Alex Patterson

1.29 - Using CSS in JS with Stitches

We sit down with Pedro Duarte to talk all about using CSS in JavaScript and why Modulz created Stitches.

Alex Patterson