CodingCatDev is joining the Learn Build Teach Community

CodingCatDev is joining the Learn Build Teach Community

Posted: 4/10/2022

A new home for’s Discord

After a long chat with Brittney about how hard it is to maintain our Discord and how I don’t like breaking up communities, she agreed that we could make a move. I wanted to make sure we stick with our goal of creating great communities and developing in the open, the first thing that came to mind was Learn Build Teach (LBT). Brittney agreed that if that community was up for letting us join it would make the most sense.

Brittney’s 2 Cents

Communities are an amazing resource for learning, getting help, and finding people that like the same things as you. However, when you have too many communities it can feel overwhelming to participate and keep up in all of them. We thought the Learn Build Teach philosophy fit well with what we are doing at I think it is a great initiative and we are excited to keep combining more communities in and grow stronger together.

The Ask

So I typed up this over to James Q. Quick

Hey James,

Brittney and I have been talking a lot about the problem with breaking up groups on Discord and feeling like overkill.

I was wondering if you would be up for a conversation around codingcat just utilizing LBT as the central place for community.

It would allow us to grow together and we can utilize Purrfect to push people there as well so we can all grow together.

On top of that I can then stop boosting my server and start boosting LBT too.

In my head I am thinking we could have just a dedicated channel (maybe section) to codingcat, for specific questions about our courses.

We would just send out a message saying we are joining up with LBT and start pushing people over.

Let me know your thoughts.


James needed to check with the mods in LBT, and luckily that meant Brittney since she was a mod already, lets just say it helps to know people.

Oh and if you haven’t heard of James Q. Quick you should maybe join the other 138K+ people already learning from him!

He gets to hang out with Amy Dutton @selfteachme on

Some pretty cool peeps to hang with.

Learn Build Teach

So what is learn, build, teach all about?

The website says it all.

Learn Build Teach is a welcoming and open community of web developers. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just getting started in the field of development, you can be certain our Discord server remains a friendly place to ask questions and engage in discussions.

How can we keep the space a safe place to learn, build, and teach?

More Content

Our main goal in this Discord server change as well as splitting up our YouTube channels is to allow people to find what they come to to focus on.

If you love the podcast and learn a lot from our courses and tutorials awesome you will love the YouTube Channel!

If you are more interested in the ever evolving tech world and the different companies that support creating the future then the YouTube Channel is purrfect for you!

The move to Learn Build Teach will allow us more time to create this great content and allow us a dedicated place to answer questions and get your feedback.

Changing Platforms

There are a few more coming so please be patient as we might snag our claw on something (cat jokes)! We have been busy re-platforming the site so that we can bring on more authors and content creators. In the past we have always run into limitations with either my time constraint on our custom backend, not enough role restrictions on a headless CMS, or hard to create content due to limitations with editors.

We have solved a great deal of this with moving over to We have combined the performance that Next.js gives us with the ability to register custom components directly into a Visual editor.

For example when I want to use either a Cloudinary based image in markdown, a Next/Link, or a YouTube embed. These are all super hard things to accomplish and in the past we would try to use MDX to solve these basic problems. Now we can use our own custom components and see them all visually while creating content.