I’m the founder of CodingCatDev, where we create “Purrfect Web Tutorials” to teach the world how to turn their development dreams into reality. I am a professional full stack developer, and I am passionate about mentoring new developers and helping the community that has allowed me to live my development dreams. I firmly believe that anyone can learn to be a developer. The CodingCatDev team is here to help!

In college I first learned to develop on the Web using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Like many I used the (WLM)AMP stack when I first started and moved towards Wordpress and Drupal.

I started my career as a SAP ABAPer with 0 experience. SAP is a huge ERP system that has several programs that are written at its core, as well as customizations that are created for companies. While I enjoyed the language I always wanted to write Web applications and took every opportunity to create them. I was able to create a Manufacturing Execution System for a very large Office Furniture Manufacturer.