Alex Patterson
Alex Patterson

Firebase Project Hosting

Firebase Console

Go to the Firebase Console. If this is your first firebase project you will need to Sign in to Google,q_auto/v1543272442/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/Screen_Shot_2018-11-26_at_5.44.44_PM.png

Create Project

Now you can click the button to add a new Project,q_auto/v1543272442/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/Screen_Shot_2018-11-26_at_5.46.16_PM.png


At this point many if the blogs will start talking about setting up the database, but I want to keep this really simple “Hello World” style.You can now navigate over to the hosting area within firebase.,q_auto/v1543452867/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/Screen_Shot_2018-11-28_at_7.49.10_PM.png

If you take a look at Firebase hosting quickstart it also has a great guide.If you are all new to programming you may not have installed Node or NPM yet, just follow this link and install the LTS version.,q_auto/v1543691205/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/node_download.png

Hosting Deploy

Now you can select “Get started” to walkthrough the guided tips from Firebase - Hosting.,q_auto/v1543691320/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/Screen_Shot_2018-12-01_at_2.08.17_PM.png

Install Firebase Tools

npm install -g firebase-tools

Login with firebase

firebase login

Make a new directory

mkdir ~/Downloads/lesson-1-firebase-project cd ~/Downloads/lesson-1-firebase-project

Initialize firebase

firebase init


  1. Up/Down key to move to Hosting
  2. Hit spacebar to make selection
  3. Enter to continue to next setup
  4. Navigate to your newly created firebase project
  5. Hit enter to accept public as location to serve files
  6. Key n, Enter for not making this a single page app.
  7. Firebase initialization complete!

Firebase project file


  "projects": {
    "default": "ajonp-lesson-1"

Firebase hosting file


  "hosting": {
    "public": "public",
    "ignore": [

Deploy firebase

Because you are logged into the CLI, the two files above tell firebase the project to use, and how they will be served on nginx. Now you just need to run the deploy command.

firebase deploy

Now back inside the firebase console you should see that hosting has now been completed.,q_auto/v1543784444/ajonp-ajonp-com/1-lesson/hosting_after_deploy.png