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Posted: 2/8/2020

Sanity Questions

  1. What is a Headless CMS?
  2. What is Sanity.io?
  3. How does Sanity fit into Jamstack?
  4. What is the idea behind Portable Text?
  5. What is GROQ all about? GROQ is a query language that lets you query, join, and transform JSON documents without having to create schemas, or resolvers
  6. How is it different than say Contentful?
  7. I know that Sanity is focused on content, but could you replace something like Firebase or DynamoDB with Sanity.io?


How did you transition from studying religion to development advocate?

Knut Quote

Take a vacation…it’s good to take a break and shut the laptop down.

Guest Picks

Knut Melvaer

Knut Melvaer

Sanity Create

Host Picks

Nick Rouech

Nick Rouech