1.10 - Creating a Startup



Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 3/23/2021

Aaron Frost




Founder of HeroDevs, a team of elite web developers that are ready to help you build your product. Organizer of NG-Conf the world’s original Angular conference. Creator of Scully Angular’s first static site generator. Founding partner of XLTS, a support company that focuses on keeping open source software that you depend on secure and supported.

Ali Spittel




Founder of We Learn Code. AWS Senior Developer Advocate for Amplify. Co-Host of Ladybug Podcast an all lady podcast providing voices to the male-dominated tech podcast space. Distinguished Faculty member at General Assembly teaching their Software Engineering Immersive for campus, online, and enterprise programs.

Kelly Vaughn




Founder of The Taproom, a shopify plus partner, build successful marketing strategies; map out customer journeys that convert; and provide the insight, experience, and tools businesses need to keep growing. Author of Start Freelancing Today, a book about Kelly’s journey into freelancing as well as a guide to help you become a freelancer. Co-Host of Ladybug Podcast an all lady podcast providing voices to the male-dominated tech podcast space and Commerce Tea, a podcast to help you succeed on Shopify.

Tyler McGinnis




Founder of UI Dev a Learning Management Platform for mastering the JavaScript ecosystem. Creator of Udacity’s React nano degree program.


  • You have all founded companies surrounding web development, and I have watched you become successful over the years. Can you think back to the moment you made this decision and why?

  • What is it like leaving a good paying corporate job and going out on your own?

  • What Challenges did you face?

  • If you have a partner what was it like negotiating a business that you created?

  • How do you make everyone happy when you start that partnership?

  • Did you need to establish a percentage between your partners, how did you determine this so it was fair?

  • How did you structure your company?

  • C Corp

  • S Corp

  • LLC

  • Did you use:

  • A lawyer

  • Online (Stripe, Legal Zoom, incfile)

  • What state did you incorporate in?

  • Business Tools your using

  • Pre-sales documents, like Statement of Work. (PandaDoc)

  • Accounting (Deskera, Quickbooks, FreshBooks)

  • CRM (Deskera)

  • Have you ever sold your startup?

  • If you have, was that challenging emotionally?

  • Would you ever consider selling your current company?

  • You each seem to have both a product and services, can you talk about how you calculate the pricing within each?

  • To get more business and revenue flowing do you find yourself adding 1099 employees at times to cover a sale?

  • Do you have people doing the selling, or do you find that people are often reaching out to you for your services?

  • Time

  • Are you still programming?

  • Do you do your own podcast editing?

  • Do you produce your own videos?

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Aaron Frost

Favorite tiktoker: https://www.tiktok.com/@goddessmia20

Ali Spittel

Ladybug Podcast

Kelly Vaughn

Atomic Habits

Tyler McGinnis

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