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Agility CMS

Posted: 3/17/2021


  1. Agility is a Headless CMS correct?
  2. How does this differ from WordPress?
  3. Would you compare Agility CMS to Contentful, or something more like Sanity.io?
  4. Is Agility CMS Open Source?
  5. What is DXP vs CMS?
  6. Do you host your own UI or is this taken care of by Agility?
  7. Does a customer working with Agility CMS focus on content first?
  8. Before something like design?
  9. Before development?
  10. How does Agility CMS fit into Jamstack?
  11. Can you build both static and dynamic?
  12. Does Agility work with Gatsby & Nextjs?
  13. What about Eleventy?
  14. How does Agility fit in with platforms like Vercel & Netlify
  15. What about hosting in Azure or AWS?
  16. Does Agility allow you to create content for apps?
  17. Is the Agility Dashboard built in Vue.js?
  18. Can you extend the Dashboard?
  19. Is the CMS mainly written in .Net?
  20. Editors often feel powerless, how does Agility CMS give this back?
  21. Is this key for marketing?
  22. Why would a developer want Agility CMS vs. using the entire database?
  23. Any interesting workshops coming from Agility CMS?
  24. Joel to talk about our workshop on Virtual events with Vercel / Next.js