1.13 Creating a Learning Platform



Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 3/24/2021

Scott Tolinski


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Web Developer, Creator of Level Up Tuts, Bboy, Robotops Crew and Youtuber. Scott is also a co-host on Syntax.fm with Wes Bos, “A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers”.


  1. When did you first decide to create your own Learning Platform?
  2. Was there a reason behind starting Level Up Tutorials?
  3. Did you ever consider just using something like Udemy?
  4. You have been through several iterations of hosting, code base…
  5. For someone getting started right now (like us), what would you suggest we consider?
  6. You just moved off of Meteor, what caused the move?
  7. Why do you use CRA over something like Next.js?
  8. How did you build your audience?
  9. Was it a specific tutorial that helped you really get started?
  10. Where do you get ideas for your courses?
  11. Do you look for popular tech to create your content or just do what is exciting for you?
  12. Would you say that it is more important to get a single course “perfect”, or to focus on having a large variety of courses available?
  13. You release your courses on a monthly basis, what happens if you had just a little bit more that you want to add to that Course?

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