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Last Updated: 4/8/2021

Shawn Wang




Shawn or perhaps more popularly known as, Swyx, is a frequent writer and speaker best known for the Learn in Public movement and recently published The Coding Career Handbook with more advice for engineers going from Junior to Senior. He has worked for Netlify and AWS and is also the co-host of the Svelte Radio podcast.


  1. Where are you living these days?

  2. What is Svelte and how is it different from other frontend "frameworks"?

  3. The website Svelte.dev explains a lot about why I love Svelte. It says, write less code in languages you already know, compiles the framework away to a tiny vanilla JS bundle, and easy out of the box reactive state management. All of this sounds fantastic, so why are companies still choosing the other big 3 frameworks. Is there anything Svelte missing?

    a. https://www.swyx.io/svelte-sites-react-apps/

  4. I saw you have a course on egghead on Design Systems with React and Typescript in Storybook. Do you think Svelte would be a good choice when building a design system since it is so close to base HTML?

  5. Built in animations and actions out of the box are 2 things that really make Svelte stand out for me. Can you explain more about what actions are and how you use them in Svelte?

    a. https://github.com/sw-yx/svelte-actions

  6. The Svelte docs are really nice, but when it comes to video tutorials there isn't much out there. Where would you tell people to go that wanted to get started learning Svelte and would you ever think about creating a course for Svelte?

  7. We've all heard the rumors that SvelteKit is coming soon and I know you don't work on that specifically. But, with this new solution coming out that will supposedly handle static site generation and server side rendering, do you know if Sapper is going away or what is happening there?

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