Payload CMS

Posted: 4/21/2021


  1. Payload is a Headless CMS correct?

  2. How does this differ from WordPress?

  3. Would you compare Payload CMS to Contentful, or something more like where you are standing up your own environment?

  4. Is Paylod CMS Open Source?

  5. What are the JavaScript Technologies used?

    • Node
    • Express
    • React
  6. Where would you host Payload?

    • Azure

    • Firebase

    • AWS

    • Netlify

    • Vercel

  7. Does a customer working with Paylod CMS focus on content first?

    1. Before something like design?
    2. Before development?
  8. How does Paylod CMS fit into Jamstack?

    1. Can you build both static and dynamic?

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