1.18 - Fostering Developer Education



Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 5/5/2021

Lauren Lee







Lauren is the Host of We Belong Here Podcast, she is a Director of Community at Puppet and has worked at companies such as Amazon, GoDaddy, and Vonage.

Lauren has had a very unique path spending 10 years as a high school teacher and department chair, then attended a coding bootcamp and becoming a software engineer.


  1. What drew you into the bootcamp that really changed you career?
  2. How did you pick Ada Developers Academy?
    • Was it easier because of their mission to provide women and gender diverse individuals the skills they need?
  3. How hard was it to get that first job with Amazon on the Kindle Team?
  4. Were you able to pull from a lot of the skills you learned from teaching and leading as a department chair when you tool the role of Technical Product Manager at GoDaddy?
  5. What made you want to become a developer educator?
  6. Was it hard to transition from writing content to managing others writing the content?

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Lauren Lee

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