Teaching Others to Code Lessons Learned

Posted: 5/5/2021


  1. You started out by teaching others to code at an in person bootcamp. What would you say is the biggest reason or benefit of attending a bootcamp and what was that experience teaching like?
  2. You have been streaming on Twitch for awhile now, how are you like live coding?
  3. What is the difference for you between online learning and in person and why did you make the switch? (Educational Technology)
  4. You have been doing a lot in Rust lately, what drew you towards that language?
    1. Toast is a newer framework to the Jamstack space that is written in Rust. What benefits does Rust provide?
    2. Why do you think Rust is becoming so popular recently?
    3. What language did you start with?
  5. Teaching others to code requires a different skillset from just teaching yourself. Would you agree with that statement?
    1. How has that impacted you?