Creating Great Ecommerce with Jamstack

Posted: 6/16/2021


  1. Some people may think the Jamstack can’t do e-commerce because it’s supposed to be static pages. How do we get that dynamic functionality that a shopping site needs?
  2. How does Ecommerce differ when using something like WordPress vs. Jamstack?
  3. There are tons of all in one solutions out there for e-commerce like Shopify and BigCommerce. Is there a particular one that you prefer or that you would suggest for someone just starting out?
    1. With these platforms, what all is included? Would a business owner still need to hire a developer to build out their site?
    2. Cost is a big factor with these platforms and may be a bit expensive for a small business just getting started. What are some of the options for them?
    3. It looks like there different levels of integrations you can do with Jamstack, some easier than others - what types of integrations are out there? (i.e. Script-based add-ons vs API integrations)
  4. The Jamstack really allows us to create whatever we want or need for a project. So, what about building out your own experience? What about using products like Snipcart or Use Shopping Cart and then using Stripe and/or PayPal for payments?
    1. What about delivering the product? What are some of the options we can use for shipping and contacting?
    2. Pulling all of these things together leads to a lot of choices and integrations for the developer. At what point is it just easier to use an all-in-one?
  5. Since this is more of a developer focused podcast, where would you send someone listening if they wanted to get up and running with say a sticker shop as fast as possible?