Producing Newsletters with Buttondown

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  1. Why did you start working on Buttondown?
  2. What are the tools used for Buttondown? (Running-Costs-f29729ded5494272947f656440967cbf)
    1. Mailgun
    2. Heroku
    3. Stripe
    4. Postmark
  3. Is Buttondown geared towards developers having native Markdown support?
  4. Storage
    1. Where is the contact data stored for subscribers?
    2. Where are the images stored?
  5. Tracking
    1. It was turned off by default recently what made you come to this decision?
  6. How do you test the Gmail Other Tabs?
  7. What has been the most difficult part of getting the service up and running?
  8. What does all this mean?