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Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 7/28/2021

## Scott Spence





Developer Advocate at GraphCMS based in Kent, UK.

He has over ten years of previous experience working for large corporate organizations in the finance and insurance sector as a VBA developer

Second career dev started out as a web developer in 2018 worked in government digital transformation.

(not sure what government digital transformation is, maybe ask him that) First job as a web dev, was only there for 6 months, can talk about it briefly

On the side, he loves working with Svelte and enjoys begrudgingly goes running. Listening to Drum and Bass on Spotify Deezer.


  1. What is GraphCMS?
    1. Headless CMS
  2. Who is GraphCMS geared towards?
    1. Anyone that wants a backend as a service (BaaS??) 🤣 baas 🐑
  3. Why is GraphCMS different from all the other CMS's out there?
    1. Content based permissions
    2. Environments if you want to work on changing the schema you can work on isolated instances of the project
    3. Granular permissions, content based permissions will be out soon along with scheduled publishing.
    4. Management SDK (so you're not building out the schema in the UI)
  4. Is GraphCMS a GraphQL only CMS?
    1. Yes
  5. Where would you send someone to get started learning GraphCMS?
    1. Depending on what learner you are, I found Jamie's intro video really useful for me when starting out building a project the last two weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylmd737tw5w
    2. There's also the GraphCMS blog and the GitHub examples repo: https://github.com/GraphCMS/graphcms-examples

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Purrfect Picks

These are fun picks of the week. Maybe something you bought online, a great show you are currently watching, or that last book that you thought was amazing.

Scott Spence

SvelteKit https://kit.svelte.dev/

Podcast: Sideways with Matthew Syed, great podcast on many different topics - https://play.pocketcasts.com/podcasts/c75060d0-4899-0139-3370-0acc26574db2

  • on Max Martin and how collaborations got him to the most popular songwriter ever even with John Lennon
  • The west vs the rest and how people from the west think differently to the rest of the world
  • Siding with the enemy, this is from where the term Stockholm Syndrome was created

Brittney Postma

https://graphcms.com/blog - lots of great posts about the Jamstack and an eCommerce Starter

https://polywork.com - A new social media platform that is like if linked in met twitter without the high school popularity contest.

....The only thing we wont have is likes.... we have a belief that likes and reactions turn networks into popularity contests and this can cause stress, anxiety and mean people alter how they express themselves..

So we want to keep things safe and judgement free on Polywork!

You basically post about what you are doing and add tags to it to group it. You can follow people, but I'm not entirely sure how their "feed" works yet. It's invite only for now.

Alex Patterson