Delivering Digital Content with GraphCMS

Posted: 7/28/2021


  1. What is GraphCMS?
    1. Headless CMS
  2. Who is GraphCMS geared towards?
    1. Anyone that wants a backend as a service (BaaS??) 🤣 baas 🐑
  3. Why is GraphCMS different from all the other CMS’s out there?
    1. Content based permissions
    2. Environments if you want to work on changing the schema you can work on isolated instances of the project
    3. Granular permissions, content based permissions will be out soon along with scheduled publishing.
    4. Management SDK (so you’re not building out the schema in the UI)
  4. Is GraphCMS a GraphQL only CMS?
    1. Yes
  5. Where would you send someone to get started learning GraphCMS?
    1. Depending on what learner you are, I found Jamie’s intro video really useful for me when starting out building a project the last two weeks:
    2. There’s also the GraphCMS blog and the GitHub examples repo: