1.32 - Side Project Hustle



Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 8/4/2021

Brad Garropy

Lead frontend developer at Adobe, content creator on Twitch and YT, new co-host of the WebDev Weekly podcast, and a side project connoisseur.







  1. How did you get your start in Web Development?
  2. Did building side projects help you get your job at Adobe?
  3. What did you learn most from building side projects?
    1. Which side project did you learn the most from?
  4. Can you talk a little about your Muphy app and how you built it?
  5. You also maintain a npm-package called hue-sdk, what does that involve?
  6. So, with all these side projects and a full time job, why did you want to start the Web Dev Weekly Podcast?
  7. How has social media helped you along the way?
  8. Aside: using GitHub Actions. How do you use GitHub actions to improve your workflow?

Additional Links

https://bradgarropy.com https://twitter.com/bradgarropy https://twitch.tv/bradgarropy https://github.com/bradgarropy https://webdevweekly.captivate.fm https://youtube.com/bradgarropy https://bradgarropy.com/discord

Purrfect Picks

These are fun picks of the week. Maybe something you bought online, a great show you are currently watching, or that last book that you thought was amazing.

Brad Garropy

TC Helicon GoXLR


Brittney Postma

https://una.im/css-color-theming/ - HSL color theming with CSS variables.

https://www.netflix.com/title/80154285 - Startup starring Adam Brody, not so much Silicon Valley, more drama and based on more of the business side than on the coding side.

Alex Patterson

Nice Green Screen - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KYSTPYL/ref=redirmobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&aaxitk=8a5ec57a57c6ef74f3f8098ecbed6daa&hsa_cr_id=4152130130301&pd_rd_plhdr=t&pd_rd_r=e59daebb-ea45-470a-b43a-af8151b949c9&pd_rd_w=HKx0T&pd_rd_wg=2Yjzs&ref=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_0_title

The Nevers - https://www.hbomax.com/grw-nev