1.33 - Bringing the Jamstack Together with TinaCMS



Alex Patterson


Last Updated: 8/11/2021

James Perkins






James does weekly Jamstack videos on YouTube with a full crash course every other week. He is building in public a platform called Collabstream that allows you to create, schedule, and manage collaboration with others. James is the new developer advocate at TinaCMS which is what we are talking about today in Bringing the Jamstack Together with TinaCMS.


  1. What is your background James?
  2. How did you transition to Developer Advocate?
  3. What is TinaCMS?
  4. Is TinaCMS a react only cms or can it be extended to other Jamstack frameworks?
    1. Why is Next.js so integrated with it?
  5. Is TinaCMS similar to a wysiwyg editor?
  6. Who is the target market for TinaCMS?
  7. Do you use TinaCMS in conjunction with another CMS or can you use it solo?
  8. What is coming with TinaCloud?
  9. Can you talk a little about Collabstream?

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James Perkins

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