1.36 - Reviewing Next.js 11 features with Tim Neutkens



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Last Updated: 9/21/2021

Tim Neutkens



Tim Neutkens is lead at Vercel and co-author of Next.js, MDX, Micro and ncc.



  1. How did you get started on Next.js**?**
  2. Have you always been a fan of React?
  3. What is it like being the lead maintainer on Next.js?
  4. How do you handle those angry PR responses?
  5. How do you decide what PR's will go into a release?
  6. Next.js Included a lot of changes (326 commits) https://github.com/vercel/next.js/releases/tag/v11.0.0
    1. How do you test these?
  7. What are your biggest takeaways from Next 11?
    1. Mine are collaborative preview, conformance, Image, and Script https://codingcat.dev/post/nextjs-11-features
  8. Is it difficult to upgrade from 10 to 11?
    1. https://nextjs.org/docs/upgrading#upgrading-from-version-10-to-11
  9. With Next.js Conf Special Edition happening in June, should we expect to see Next.js 12 or will we just have a Minor version announced at Next.js Conf in October?
  10. Things coming up to expect
    1. SWC -
    2. On Demand revalidation
  11. Next.js Live - https://nextjs.org/live

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