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  2. Building Better Authentication with Clerk

Building Better Authentication with Clerk

Posted: 9/22/2021


  1. Why did you start building Clerk?
    1. I noticed your other co-founder is also Sidoti, any relation?
  2. Clerk just raised 4M in the seed round to build the next-gen authentication and user management platform for developers.
    1. Does it feel like this allows you to stay more focused on the product?
  3. Does Clerk compete with Firebase and Auth0 for user authentication or can you use it in conjunction?
    1. https://docs.clerk.dev/frontend/integrations/firebase
    2. https://docs.clerk.dev/frontend/integrations/hasura
  4. Does Clerk do Authorization and Authentication?
    1. What does Clerk do differently with User Management?
  5. Support for frameworks other than React? (Node SDK / Serverless)


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