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Last Updated: 3/23/2021

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Guillermo Rauch – CEO Vercel



Who is Guillermo Rauch?

He’s the founder and CEO of Vercel, a cloud platform for static sites that fits around a Jamstack workflow. He’s also the co-creator of Next.js. He previously founded LearnBoost and CloudUp, and is well-known as the creator of several popular node open source libraries like Socket.io, Mongoose, and SlackIn. Prior to that, he was a core developer on MooTools.

Since we last talked a year ago

  1. Zeit became Vercel and gained $21M in funding.
  2. Vercel’s $40M Series B happened in December.
  3. Next.js 9 added (to name a few)
    1. Preview Mode
    2. Environment Variables
    3. Fast Refresh
  • Static Regeneration
    1. Next.js Analytics / Commerce
  1. Next.js 10 released
  2. next/image
  3. @next/mdx


  • We are now using Vercel and Next.js in our next version of codingcat.dev. It has taken me a little bit of getting used to the CI/CD flow coming from Amplify and Google Cloud Build for Firebase hosting. Can you tell me more about Deploy Preview?


  1. I have seen a lot of movement to NextJS in the Jamstack community in the last year. What do you think is driving this move from Gatsby to Next? – Brittney
  2. What is in store for NextJS in 2021? – Brittney
  3. In browser navigation not working in Firefox and editing in dev tools requires the server to be restarted.
  4. Images must be in the public folder.

CodingCatDev on NextJS

Currently we are running on Firebase as a backend with two separate Next.js sites

  1. Admin – Next.js, React, MaterialUI, backed by Firebase
  2. Main – Next.js, React, Tailwindcss, backed by Firebase

How can we statically build only our important pages, and then rely on regeneration for the rest? Is it as simple as saying build latest 50 pages and let page props do the rest?

Lighthouse vs. Vercel Analytics how to get 100?

I have read what I will call “way” too much about the Next.js chunks and that Lighthouse complaining about them is basically a non-issue, but is this true?

So in looking at the P99 on Vercel we actually get 100, so what gives, what is this actually showing?

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