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Making Tasty Courses for Web Developers

Posted: 10/20/2021


  1. What got you started in Web Development?
  2. Was your goal to always go out on your own or did you plan on working for a consulting company?
  3. Did you ever consider a hosted solution like Udemy/Teachable?
  4. How did you build your audience?
    1. Was it a specific course that you remember that really turned things for you?
  5. How do you decide what course you want to release next?
    1. Do you look for popular tech to create your content or just do what is exciting for you?
  6. What does the timeline of a course look like for you?
  7. Do you make an outline beforehand?
    1. Do you use a script for videos?
    2. How much do you do before you record?
  8. You usually create a few courses each year, do you ever consider the monthly model like Scott?
    1. Can you get more in depth in your course model and take more time to explain concepts?