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  2. Learn to Build Reliable and Efficient Software in Rust

Learn to Build Reliable and Efficient Software in Rust

Posted: 12/1/2021


  1. How would you describe Rust?
    1. Memory Safe
    2. General Purpose
  2. What is Learn to build reliable and efficent software in Rust all about? https://www.rustadventure.dev/?ck_subscriber_id=1138053038
  3. What Clouds Support Rust for Lambda/Cloud Functions?
    1. Netlify - https://www.netlify.com/blog/2021/10/14/write-netlify-functions-in-rust/
    2. Google Cloud (doesn’t appear to support) - https://cloud.google.com/functions/docs/writing
    3. AWS Lambda - https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/rust-runtime-for-aws-lambda/
  4. What is Rust’s version of NPM?
    1. Cargo - https://crates.io/
  5. Compare Go to Rust Checkout this Discord Article - https://discord.com/blog/why-discord-is-switching-from-go-to-rust

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Chris Biscardi

Chris Biscardi


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