Qwik the HTML First Framework

Posted: 12/8/2021


  1. How much fun did you have making AngularJS and Angular?
  2. Why did you decide to leave Google and move to the next project?
  3. What is Party Town? https://github.com/BuilderIO/partytown
  4. Tell me all about Qwik. https://github.com/builderio/qwik
  5. Will anyone who knows HTML and JavaScript be able to learn how to use Qwik?
  6. Qwik vs Islands Architecture
  7. Is Qwik shipping a Framework?
  8. Lets compare Next.js and React with Qwik (SvelteKit, Next)
  9. How long have you been thinking about Qwik? https://youtu.be/-kYtw3CSe6s?t=795 - Talking about Qwik, without the name qwik.

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