Making State Management Domain Agnostic with @derxjs

Posted: 12/15/2021


  1. First tell us a little about yourself and your background.
    1. Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager at Nrwl
    2. Father of 6, Grandfather of 2
    3. Enthusiast for writing/podcasting/oss/other forms of communication (tech or otherwise)
    4. Co-founder DeRose Brothers Real Estate
  2. What was your motivation to create @derxjs?
    1. I’m extremely “long” on RxJS - in particular in its ability to elegantly compose domain-agnostic state management code.
    2. derxjs is a way of packaging that power in a way that separates “state” concerns with “view” concerns (the DeRxJSViewModel interface)
    3. derxjs/reducer is our first package for assisting folks in writing domain agnostic state management (that harnesses the power of RxJS without actually writing any)
    4. derxjs/react is our first package on the other side of the DeRxJSViewModel interface - designed to help folks leverage RxJS in their react projects (again, without actually writing any RxJS code)
  3. How does this differ from rxjs or Redux?
    1. This is a ‘framework’ (may be generous) for using RxJS - a ‘spiritual successor’ to NgRx
    2. derxjs/reducer should feel extremely familiar to anyone that’s written NgRx or Redux code.
    3. Exciting things in the pipes from the “framework”: declarative testing tools && ai powered code-generation