Design for Developers

Posted: 1/1/2021


  1. I noticed you studied Industrial design. How did you find your way to UX or Interaction design?
  2. From the team to the community, are there patterns you see in each?
  3. Opinions on education paths…bootcamps vs. institutions vs. workshops.master’s programs
  4. Do you need formal education around UX/UI?
  5. What advice would you give to others coming out of school and how to get started into the design side of a web development practice?
  6. Resources, tools?
  7. If someone not going to school wants to get started, how do you get in the door first?
  8. Networking – reaching out to people you admire
  9. Soft Skills (importance of consulting and speaking skills)
  10. Where does your community hang out? Especially after 2020?
  11. Meeting community where they platform
  12. Why do people thrive in communities?
  13. What communities exist or are accessible? Clubhouse, Meet ups (local and online), AIGA, IxDA Community events (Code for Good / Givecamp, Global Service Design Jam, Courses / Co-Learning) / Ladies of UX /
  14. What should a designer learn today? Attitude & aptitude – curiosity & willingness to learn Mentor / find leaders to learn from Online, self-driven learning (courses, youtube, google)
  15. Tools? Sketch, Figma, Miro, Adobe Products
  16. Designers often work together and collaborate, how did this change in 2020?
  17. At work? Miro, drawing messy, white board type work.
  18. A developer can do the work, but often they need to be led down the path. Do you see this as a designers role, or more of an architect’s role?
  19. Are mobile designers different from web designers? (platform agnostic?) Multi-modal Physical Design, Interactive Points, how do you manage expectations.
  20. What is hardest about being a designer?
  21. What is hard about getting started. (Constraint, confidence & expression), non-stop pitching
  22. How can you be creative, but still need to work within a framework? Constraints are helpful, Design systems
  23. What Physical devices are you using? iPad / Wacom Tablet, Old school – Sticky notes / Whiteboard / sketchbook
  24. Where can designers get started on the side, for freelance work? Dribbble, Pinterest, Fiverr, Instagram, 99designs, Awwwards