Build faster websites with Astro

Posted: 3/16/2022


Empower your entire team to visually create and optimize high-speed experiences on your sites and apps. Provide whole-team autonomy with a platform that is developer approved.


  1. The Astro Technology Company -
  2. What was the motivation behind creating something that uses multiple languages?
  3. What developers or companies are you targeting with Astro?
  4. Can you explain what islands architecture is?
  5. Can you explain what Partial Hydration means?
  6. Are A11y warnings apart of Astro?
  7. Astro Technology under the hood
    • A new Astro compiler, written in Go
    • A new build engine, powered by Vite
  8. How is Astro similar or different from Gatsby, Hugo, 11ty?
  9. WASM - Figma post