Building & Maintaining Design Systems

Posted: 6/1/2022


Empower your entire team to visually create and optimize high-speed experiences on your sites and apps. Provide whole-team autonomy with a platform that is developer approved.


  1. Can you give us some of your background and how you ended up at Chromatic (Storybook)?
  2. How would you describe Storybook and Chromatic and what are they used for?
  3. At what point do you need a design system?
  4. Who owns a design system? (Designers or developers)
  5. Do most design systems still use Atomic Design?
  6. How to get feedback?
  7. What are the benefits of Chromatic?
    1. Zero Height sharing Stories
  8. How important are Design tokens?
  9. How do you maintain a design system over time?
  10. Customizability
  11. Possibly demo storybook if we get a chance (I can try and set this up in a coding cat branch)
  12. Empathy Day!