A11y with Ben Myers

Posted: 9/7/2022




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  1. Tell us about yourself Ben?

  2. Has accessibility always been important and we just keep dropping the ball? Or was it the famous Domino’s case where they excluded people with disabilities from using it’s website?

  3. A11y is a Numeronym!

  4. What are some good tools to use to check for accessibility?

  5. What things are included in A11y?

    1. Color Contrast
      1. Contrast Checker
      2. Another Contrast Checker
      3. Axe
      4. Color Contrast Post
      5. Contrast Finder
    2. Only use a website with Keyboard
      1. Tab order
      2. skip to content
  6. What is Aria? A filler for your markup.

    1. Ben Meyers on What is Aria
    2. Accessibility Tree
  7. Alt tags, do you describe decorative images?

    1. Telling a story of the image.
    2. Convey the message, but also the tone.
    3. Not where it isn’t relevant.
    4. If you don’t need alt text, use alt="".
  8. Since you work on Microsoft Docs, what are they doing to help assist those who use Docs in a non-traditional way?

In the United States, 61 million adults are living with a disability, according to current federal data . A 2017 National Health Interview Survey  found that 26.9 million people in the United States (10% of adult Americans) reported experiencing vision loss. An estimated 15% of American adults (37.5 million) reported some trouble hearing, according to a 2012 National Health Interview Survey .

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