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Building Design Systems with Backlight.dev

Posted: 2/16/2022




Empower your entire team to visually create and optimize high-speed experiences on your sites and apps. Provide whole-team autonomy with a platform that is developer approved.


  1. Can you explain what divRiots is and what you work on?
  2. What is Backlight.dev?
  3. What are some of the struggles for starting a design system that Backlight is addressing?
  4. Demo backlight.dev
  5. What frameworks can be used with backlight?
  6. How does backlight give you the code once you are done customizing it?
  7. Where does the design piece of the design system come in?
  8. Is code driven development the future of building design systems?
  9. Who is Backlight’s target audience, marketers or developers?
  10. Do you know about complexity cliffs and what are your thoughts on single components for every use case?

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