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Astro 2.0 with Matthew Phillips

Posted: 3/1/2023




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  1. Can you tell us more about yourself?
  2. How did you get involed with Astro?
  3. Can you give a high level overview of what Astro is and why someone might use it?
  4. What is new in Astro 2.0?
    1. Content Collections
      1. How does this help with type-safe markdown? Zod integration
    2. Hybrid prerendering
    3. Error Message Overlay
  5. What were the breaking changes and is there an easy migration path or command to help?

Useful Links

Content Collections: https://docs.astro.build/en/guides/content-collections/

Hybrid prerendering (aka prerendering): https://docs.astro.build/en/guides/server-side-rendering/#hybrid-rendering

New error message overlay (there’s a screenshot in this article): https://astro.build/blog/introducing-content-collections/


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