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Growing your Brand with Ankita Kulkarni

Posted: 4/19/2023




Have you already discovered Storyblok? They have an official Svelte SDK! 74,000 + developers & marketers use it to deliver powerful content experiences on any frontend: Websites, eCommerce, mobile apps, AR/VR, or voice content!



  1. Can you tell us more about yourself?
  2. What got you interested in developer education?
  3. What made you want to make the transition from senior level and management roles into content creation?
    1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization, keyword research that will increase the awareness of your product.
      1. How do you focus on a topic? Find the things you are passionate about within a niche topic and focus on creating content on those. You have an individual voice that may speak to someone better than someone else’s content.
      2. Make sure you keep consistent both in your voice and content.
    2. How do you use SEO and keyword research to optimize my tech content for search engines?
      1. Finding painpoints and intents that developers have and search for.
      2. Start with outlines and expand.
      3. Block time to focus on creating.
  4. What formats of content creation have you explored? Does it bring you joy??
    1. newsletters - 2 newsletters breaking down code and engineering leadership
    2. YouTube videos - Planning your topics, outline talking points, find and editor to edit them for you 😅
    3. Courses - Think about the journey and what did I go through to get here. Rough outline and finalize content to have it ready. Have people try out your course and give feedback. Feedback is one of the best ways to get people interested and find bugs before you release a course.
    4. Ebook - Different types of learners may want a different medium so I wrote a book on the first 90 days of transitioning into engineering leadership.
  5. How do you create engaging and informative tech content that will attract and retain readers?
    1. Asking for feedback and looking at what the community is asking around my topics.
  6. Sometimes we struggle with where to post and where to gather with our users. We have Discord communities, YouTube and Twitch channels, and Twitter followings. With so many different place to communicate, how do you aggregate users to one place?
  7. What are some ways to monetize content to generate income?
    1. digital content - making content accessible for everyone with free content
    2. ebooks
  8. How do you create these code snippets on your site?
    1. Snappify
  9. What are some things you are trying to reach a wider audience?
    1. Being consistent with content.
    2. Social media isn’t as
    3. marketing, email
    4. ads
    5. collaborate with other tech content creators or brands to grow reach and audience
    6. giveaways
  10. How do you measure and track your success?
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Newsletter subscribers
    3. Conversion rates

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