Supabase New Release

Posted: 2/13/2024




The Image & Video API to build and transform visual experiences at scale.

Top 10 Launches

  1. Fly Postgres: Managed Postgres offering by Supabase and (benefits, key features)
  2. Supabase Grafana: Open-source observability suite (what it tracks, benefits for developers)
  3. pg_graphql supports Postgres Functions: Expanded capabilities for GraphQL users
  4. Python Libraries reach stable: Improved stability and features for Python developers
  5. Aggregate Functions in PostgREST: Enhanced data manipulation capabilities
  6. Supavisor 1.0: Scalable connection pooler for Postgres (performance improvements)
  7. Edge Functions with Node & NPM support: Broader developer options for serverless functions
  8. Leaked Password Protection: Security integration with Have I Been Pwned
  9. Supabase Branching: Streamlined development workflows
  10. Postgres Read Replicas: Improved scalability and disaster recovery