Making Flutter Games with Flame Engine

Posted: 9/1/2021


  1. What is Flutter?
    1. How does the Dart language differ from something like JavaScript or Objective C.
  2. Why do you need a game engine to build games?
  3. How did you become involved in developing Flame?
  4. Are you building with Flutter or just Dart?
  5. Is it possible to compare Flame Engine to something like Unity?
  6. I am a huge Firebase fan, is that a good solution for a backend to the Flame game?
  7. Can you create multi-player games with Flame?
  8. Does Flame use ECS (Entity Component System), and for those who don’t know, what is ECS?
  9. Is there any physics engine inside Flame, or one that can be used with Flame?
  10. Where do you turn if you need help with a Flame project?

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Lukas (spydon) Klingsbro

Lukas (spydon) Klingsbro



Tomb Toad

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Alex Patterson

Alex Patterson

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