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Creating Opportunities with Girl Develop It

Posted: 12/22/2021


  1. What is Girl Develop It and how did you get involved?
  2. How do you get involved and start participating in Girl Develop It?
  3. Where do you sign up for events?
  4. What are the pricing options to join?
  5. Are there scholarships?
  6. Can you transition from a student to a teacher?
  7. What opportunities are offered through GDI?
  8. Can you tell us about the recent hackathon you held?
  9. Do you bring in businesses to watch presentations or judge?
  10. Does GDI partner with any other organizations?
  11. Who can come to events? https://girldevelopit.com/code-of-conduct/
  12. Is it okay to be a lurker in the classes and not be as active?
  13. How can companies and sponsors get involved and reach out? https://girldevelopit.com/partners/
  14. Why should someone choose GDI to start their coding journey?
  15. Where would you send someone who is just starting out to get involved?
  16. What are some upcoming events?

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