Enterprise Databases that Scale

Posted: 5/11/2022




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  1. Since the last time you were on you have moved from Auth0 to Planet Scale
    1. Did you get any time to spend on yourself, your channel?
    2. How was the transition? It often take time to learn a whole new team and product.
  2. What is Planetscale?
    1. What does the “scale of open source” mean?
    2. What is Vitess?
      1. What does Sharded MySQL mean?
    3. If this is serverless is it running on AWS or GCP?
  3. Is Branching of a database just a copy?
  4. Will running an ALTER for your schema require you to have downtime?
  5. CLI
  6. Pricing
  7. Foreign Key Constraints
  8. Using Prisma with Planetscale

Alex Patterson

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