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Posted: 8/10/2022




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Angular Air







  1. Can you tell us more about yourself and your podcast?
  2. What tools are you using?
    1. For recording?
      1. Free
        • OBS - Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
        • VDO Ninja - Free, feeds directly into OBS
      2. Paid
    2. For Scheduling?
      1. Calendly
      2. Cron.app
      3. Cal.com
    3. I have seen Jason use live captions. Do you use a live caption system, or add anything after the fact using tools like
      1. White Coat Captioning
    4. Distribution
      1. Anchor - goes out to all the pod catchers and allows for video to Spotify.
      2. Transistor
    5. Thumbnail Creation
      1. Figma - create background and custom
      2. Cloudinary - Dynamically create Thumbnails
      3. Automating Stream Promotion
  3. Do you edit and if so who edits your videos?
    1. How do I hire them 😉 ?
      1. Edit Audio
      2. Intern
      3. Get more help
      4. Contenda
      5. Descript
      6. Recut
      7. Big Room
      8. https://www.mmhmm.app/home
      9. Remotion
    2. If you do it what tools?
      1. Screenflow - you can edit any videos and if you have it for screen recording it is just easy to learn all the key shortcuts and cut scenes.
      2. Adobe Premiere Pro
      3. DaVinci Resolve - free
      4. Fission
    3. Chapters
      1. Do you make them?
      2. Are they worth it?
      3. Is there a way to automate?
  4. Sponsorship
    1. How do you reach out for sponsorships?
      1. Do you use built in tools like Anchor.fm has?

Another transcription service Chris Biscardi recommended: https://deepgram.com/

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