Reviewing 2021 and predicting 2022

Reviewing 2021 and predicting 2022

Posted: 1/1/2022

What technology we see coming for 2022

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What was hot in 2021?

  • Vite took over
  • Rust explosion (WASM)
  • Crypto, blockchain, web3

State of JS 2021

I hope this link works eventually, for the meantime checkout 2020.

2021 - Recap






  • This one hit late so I put it in July - SolidJS releases version 1.0.0. Never heard of it checkout the perf chart Ryan Carniato wroteup.
  • Qwik finally becomes a thing with a big update version 0.0.12. We got to record with Miško Hevery in Qwik the HTML First Framework, checkout the Demo in that one at minute 19:30.
  • GitHub Copilot was released in Technical Preview and half of all our jobs were lost. It seemed harmless at first.
  • Svelte Storm was announced, pretty sure you will have to ask Brittney what this is all about.
  • GitHub comes out with another banger, GitHub Code Spaces. These are fast VM’s (maybe faster than your Mac, well at least my son’s Mac) that you can run VSCode in. Stay on those individual accounts though, otherwise hanging out and searching Stack Overflow could cost you a pretty penny. Oh yeah and did I say banger, see why in the Newsletters section below.
  • Alert Chrome broke the web, then rolled it back (this might happen again)


I am sure I am missing a million things, feel free to DM me and I will happily update 😸